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Your anti-aging information source: Chlodnik Cold Beet Soup "hu-WOHD-nyeek"      
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This is a refreshing, low calorie summer recipe that's been a long time tradtion in the the Suchecki Family.

Ingredients - Serves 4 - 250 calories
1 large cucumber
4 large beets
1 1/2 pints non fat plain yogurt
2 green onions
2 sprigs of dill
4 eggs
white wine vinegar



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  Chlodnik Cold Beet Soup        

Remove tops from beets. Discard tops. Boil beets in four cups of water until just tender. Boil eggs 5 minutes. Set beets in covered container and eggs in refrigerator for at least an hour.

Leave skin on cucumber. Dice. Peel eggs. Quarter. Chop dill fine. Chop green onions. Combine all ingredients. Let sit in covered container for at least two hours. Before serving, add salt and vinegar to taste. Add a tray of ice cubes. Serve.

Beets are a rich source of folate which is emerging as a contributor to cognitive function. The red compound in the beets might also have some anti-cancer properties. The less you boil the beets, the higher the beets' anti-oxidant content.

All recipes presented here have been kitchen tested by the producers of "Reverse Aging Now." Our goal is to make healthy food tasty so that you can keep your diet high in nutrients and low in calories, the essence of the primary method of slowing aging as shown on "Reverse Aging Now," the anti-aging DVD


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